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Black Out Dates:

As of 10/10/2019** (Covering the dates until 10/24/19-12/31/19)

October 1-23 and 26 and 31

November 1-2 and 6-13 and 16 and 21-23 and 27 and 29

December 13 and 15 and 26-30

** All schedules and dates are subject to change and are only valid as of date listed, through the next pay period. Verify with the office to ensure you have the most up to date information. Please remember that there is a 2-week advance notice required for all time off requests and the two weeks starts from the date WE receive it in the office.  As of today, the first date beyond that 2-week period is October 24, 2019.  Please also remember, if you a requesting an exception to the two weeks for a funeral, emergent doctor appointment, etc., WE STILL NEED the yellow form filled out and 48 hours’ notice for planning. Please limit each form to dates within one pay period. Fill out as many as needed to cover all your dates.

Just a reminder! Any time off requests for the following dates will not be honored as we will be addressing those requests with our special holiday scheduling.  Holiday schedules are mandatory and can only be changed by Melinda, Becky or Katrina.  All schedules are subject to change.  (This reminder includes all Holidays for future years as well.)

  • Thanksgiving – November 28th
  • Christmas Eve – December 24th
  • Christmas Day – December 25th
  • New Year’s Eve – December 31st
  • New Year’s Day – January 1st


  • Log-In
    • To access your schedule:Go to:   https://generations.idb-sys.com/Views/login
      AGENCY ID:  ASKF9358
      PASSWORD: Your first and last initial capitalized, the last four of your SS#Please wait 24-48 business hours for us to get you in the computer system for your first access.
  • Your schedule is available online to view at any time.  Any updates that we do to your schedule are immediately shown once entered by office staff.
  • General rule of thumb is that what appears online is your correct schedule, UNLESS, you have just been asked by the call staff to change it due to being called in when the office is closed.


  • Absenteeism
    • Definition of Absence: Absence is any time (other than tardiness described below) that you are scheduled to work and you fail to be present at the designated work location for all of the scheduled time or shift or if you fail to report to your workstation more than Fifteen minutes late.  It includes time off for sickness, but does not include pre-approved time off for vacation, or leaves of absence, or for designated holidays when you are not scheduled to work.
    • Reporting Procedure: 
  • General rule of thumb is that what appears online is your correct schedule, UNLESS, you have just been asked by the call staff to change it due to being called in when the office is closed.  In that case please defer to the direction of the staff carrying the call out phone.
    • Call out phone number is 542-5505. (Call only – no texting) You must give proper a time frame to cover shift.
    • The call out phone is monitored from 6am to 8am and 4pm to 8pm M-Th, and 24 hrs. on weekends and holidays.
    • Monday – Thursday please call the office directly between 8am-4pm at 354-7077. (do not call the office at 4pm if you are calling out. You must call the call out phone).
  • If you need to call out be mindful of the time.  If you are scheduled in an early morning shift and are not feeling well the night before call at that point.  If you are working an overnight call at least a few hours prior to your shift.  It’s very difficult to get an overnight shift covered at the last minute.

Note: If you can provide an acceptable explanation, this policy may not apply.  Such explanation may require substantiation and/or verification from sources other than you.

Continuing Education:

Do you have any concerns, comments, suggestions, complaints or kudos?  We value your thoughts and input and would like to here from you.  Use the form below to submit your comments to the office.  Note: the name field is optional.  Thank you!


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