Founded in 1982, and originally known as “Associated Services of All Kinds” we started our journey in a rented room in the old Knox Hospital with second-hand furniture and a typewriter.
Slowly but surely, as the support for deinstitutionalization increased and more funding became available for home care services, we were able to improve the environment, staff, and services for our clients.  We renamed our company ASK…for Home Care  and were thrilled to be providing vital services to our communities in need.
Unfortunately as laws and insurance criteria changed over time, it became apparent that the cost for home care, both to government and private individuals, was becoming prohibitive.  In an effort to continue our mission and maximize our resources more efficiently, ASK…for Home Care began providing staffing for the Homesteads, shared living residences licensed for food and lodging.
More than thirty years later, with the same passion for excellence, ASK…for Home Care continues to develop unique and innovative services to support the independent spirit of the elderly.

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