It is important to ask for references when evaluating your options for home care.  Learn about the reputation of the company and know what makes them unique.

Read what past client have to say about our services:

  • “Your staff are highly competent, cheerful, helpful, and invariably pleasant company for my mother.  They have made a huge difference in her quality of life.”


  • “I interviewed several home care agencies and chose you.  It was a pleasure working with Becky, as she was always available to address my concerns and needs regarding my mother.  The best thing about your service was the 3 caregivers you sent to us.  Each was knowledgeable, eager to learn our system, and gave 110% to the job!”


  • “My mother always felt very lucky to live there.  She was well taken care of.  Everyone was very careful and patient.  She felt at home there.”


  • “Barbara was an exceptional and competent caregiver.  The whole family is forever grateful for her excellent and personal care.”


  • “Thank you for providing expert and personal care to our mother during her stay at the Homestead. She had been in three nursing homes prior to coming to your establishment. The Homestead stands head and shoulders above those facilities. Mom thought a great deal of the caregivers and cooks, always commenting on the wonderful care and the delicious meals she received. She had come to call the Homestead home. We would recommend your services to anyone who wants the best of care for aging relatives and friends.”


  • “Thank you so much for all the wonderful care given to Mom during her stay with you at the Homestead. She recovered so rapidly from her illness once she was with you and your crew. I think having such good cooking and three meals a day was her biggest help to her better health. She certainly enjoyed all her friends and the folks who work with you.”


  • “All our family would like to express their gratitude for the loving care that you gave to Agnes during her last years. She could not have spent those years in a better place nor lived as long anywhere else. Bless you all.”


  • “I can feel confident, after my last three years of dealing with the elderly problems out there in the cruel, hard, world, that when I compliment you and your organization for the excellent management and services that you provided my mother – I know what I’m talking about. I should have removed her from Florida much earlier during her deterioration process. But it was comforting to hear her compliments about your staff and their efforts to make her comfortable. You have an excellent program in operation – keep up the good work.”


  •  “I phoned my father last night to wish him a Happy Birthday and he was in a great mood. It soon became apparent why as he started to tell me about his day. ‘Today was the best birthday I’ve had in years.’ Then he went on to tell me about the birthday card complete with signatures and to describe in detail the birthday cake shaped like a television set with the remote control on the side. He also mentioned how happy he is to be in the Homestead because of the friendly and caring staff. Just about every time I call he also mentions the meals and how good the food tastes. The care, comfort, and respect you give each and every day is deeply appreciated.”


  • “Just a quick note to express our deep thanks for your time, insight and empathy. How refreshing! It has been a very stressful year and particularly of late with provider issues. It felt good to have a connection that was both comforting and filled with promise. If our meeting was any indication – you all obviously do a great job!”


  • “I am so glad you folks were there to help when I really had reached the end of my rope.”


  • “Excellent group of caretakers.”


  • “You do a good job and make the people feel at home.”


  • “There will never be words enough to thank you for being there for us during this tough time. We appreciate you and your organization so very much. You are an angel!”
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